We have re-opened our Main Studio (353 W. 7th Avenue) for photography! As with the world – so much has changed here as well. We are currently working on updating all areas of our Website to ensure we are providing you with the most up to date information. In the meantime – we ask for your patience and refer you to the confirmation emails you receive. This is where we are reporting the most up to date pertinent information regarding your appointment and/or your order.


The Artona Group is thrilled to be offering the highest quality, all-colour yearbooks in the industry. Our standard yearbook includes features that traditional yearbook suppliers would charge significant premiums for. 

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200+ full colour pages

High quality, industry standard yearbooks that are fully customizable

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Production Professionals

Providing assistance with designing software tools and hitting deadlines

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Photography Studio Access

Full access for all yearbook students at our Vancouver based photography studio

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Scholarship & job opportunities

Thousands of dollars in scholarships given out every year and jobs to dedicated graduates

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Training and Support

Providing students with the tools and training needed to create the best yearbook possible

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Automation Services

Streamlining mug placement, cropping, and creating an easy way to collect grad write ups

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