Booking for grad 2019

How much do portrait sessions cost?

A $60 deposit is required for all individual graduation portrait sessions. This can be applied toward an order later on, like a credit. If you decide not to place an order, the deposit is fully refundable within 30 days.

If you are graduating from university, an additional $15 sitting fee will be collected at your session as well. This is collected on behalf of your school or faculty and is non-refundable.


I'm graduating this year. When do I need to make an appointment?

Your school's Graduation Portrait Session dates can be found by clicking on "My School Info" at the top of this page.  Appointments become available approximately two months prior to these dates.  Please note that reservations are on a first come first serve basis.

How do I book an appointment?
Booking an appointment is easy! Just click on the "Book Now" button at the top of the screen and follow the steps. If you need more assistance, you can read the full instructions on our blog here.

Don't see a date or time that works for you? Get in touch with us and our customer service team will be happy to help you find an appointment that fits your schedule.
How do I cancel or change my appointment?

If you would like to view or modify your appointment, please click here.  

Be sure to have your booking confirmation number ready. You can find this in the original confirmation email with the subject Artona Grad Photo Appointment Confirmation. Please note that appointments can only be changed up to 24 hours beforehand. 

What is a group portrait session?

Have a lot of friends or a big family? You can do a mini-session with them by booking a group appointment! The cost is $20 per person and includes 4 high-resolution digital images. You'll receive the images in about a week (or less) via email, so you can share them with each other, online or get them printed.

To book a group appointment, click on the "Book Now" button at the top of the screen and follow the steps. There is no limit to how many group appointments you can book — just make sure you book it under a different name the second (or third) time around! Also, if you have more than 15 people, please be sure to let us know ahead of time so we can book you an extra long appointment.

Please note that group appointments and images are non-refundable and non-transferrable.

Can I book my individual session and group session on the same day?
Unfortunately, no. Group Portrait Sessions are held a week before or after your Graduation Portrait Session, so they do not overlap. 
How do I book a retake appointment?

Yes. If you are not happy with your original photographs, we can definitely book you in for a retakes. Please note that retake fees do apply.

After your retake session, the new images will be uploaded to your online gallery within 5-7 business days. You will be able to view both your original and retake images. You can read more about how retake appointments work here.

To book your retake appointment, please get in touch and our customer service team will be happy to help.

Preparing for your grad session

What should I wear?

Your graduation is a formal achievement! Although we recommend formal wear, whatever you are comfortable in is best.

Please keep in mind that the photo session consists of various styles, from head shots to full length, so please dress accordingly. You are welcome to bring a change of clothes if you would like more than one look. 

Check out our How to Prepare GuideLook Books and this blog post for outfit ideas!

Can I bring my pet?
Yes! We love having friendly pets in our studio. If you have an exotic pet, we kindly ask you to contact us in advance. 

Will Artona provide makeup?

Artona does not provide hair or makeup services at this time. You are more than welcome to bring your own makeup and apply touch-ups at our vanity station. 

Does Artona have parking?

Unfortunately, we do not have reserved parking. Click here for our parking tips. 

What kind of prop can I bring?

Feel free to bring personal items as props. As long as it can fit in our studio (and it’s not offensive or inappropriate!) you are more than welcome to bring it in.

Check out this blog post for prop ideas.

What do I need to bring to my session?

Please remember to bring your deposit, plus any photo props or additional changes of clothing. Your $60 deposit can be paid by Cash, Debit, Credit or Cheque.

We will provide the graduation cap and gown, so don't worry about that.

For more ideas on how to prepare, check out this blog post. 

Can I bring a friend?

Yes! You are welcome to bring a friend to share the experience with you.  

You can even take a photo together. All individual portrait sessions include one Friendship Photo or one Family Photo. 

Friendship Photo - 3 people total, including the graduate

Family Photo - 3 people total, including the graduate

What time should I arrive for my session?

Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment to sign in and prepare for your photo session.

Clients who arrive late for their appointments may need to be rescheduled. 

You can find directions to our Vancouver studio by clicking here.

Is Artona wheelchair accessible?
Yes! Our studio in Vancouver is wheelchair accessible. If you are booked at one of our mobile studios, please get in touch with us at csr@artona.com before your appointment so our mobile manager can make sure the ramp is ready to go.
How long do portrait sessions take?

Individual Graduation Portrait Sessions take approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Group Portrait Sessions generally take 10-15 minutes. Times may vary depending on the size of the group.

How do I take transit to Artona?

Our Vancouver studio is located close to West Broadway and Cambie.

If you are taking the Canada Line, you can get off at either Broadway City Hall or Olympic Village. We are less than a 10 minute walk from both stations. 

You can also take the Expo Line to the Broadway and Commercial station, then take the 99-B Line and get off at Cambie. 

For further directions, please use www.google.ca/transit.

Ordering grad photos

I don't want to order photos. How do I get my deposit back?
No problem - there is no obligation to order. Simply return your proof booklet to our studio within 30 days* to receive a refund of your deposit. You can do this by mailing it in, or visiting our studio in person.

If you paid the deposit by credit, the refund will be processed back on your card. If you paid the deposit by cash or debit, it will be refunded by cheque and mailed to your home address. It usually takes our accounting team about 2 weeks to process refunds.

*30 days from the date it is received in the mail
How do I apply my $60 deposit?

Once you go to checkout from your order, the $60 deposit will automatically be deducted from the total. If you do not see this, try entering the deposit coupon code found on page 1 of your proof booklet, or from the confirmation email we sent out from your session. 

If it's still not working, it might be expired. The deposit is valid for 90 days after being photographed. 

If it still not working and should not be expired, please get in touch with our customer service team. 

I placed an order online but I forgot to deduct the deposit.

Please get in touch with our customer service team to issue a refund request. 

Why do I have to pay a processing fee?
Each step in the Artona process, from photographing students to creating quality prints, is done at our studio in Vancouver. As a result, all of our orders incur an individual processing fee. 
What happens if my credit card is declined or my cheque is returned?
There is a $45 administration fee for a returned cheque or declined credit card.
When do I get to see my photos online?

Your photos will be uploaded to your online account within 5-7 business days of your session. Once they are ready to view, you will receive a notification email. 

You will also receive a complimentary preview booklet in the mail within 2 weeks of your appointment. 

How can I place an order?

All orders can be placed online. Please click here

If you would like to place your order over the phone, please get in touch with us to arrange a telephone appointment with a member of our sales team. 

I don't have a credit card. How can I place an order?
If you don't have a credit card, no problem! You can still place an order by visiting us at our studio located at 353 West 7 Avenue in Vancouver and pay by cash, debit or cheque. Please note that digital downloads can not be purchased by cheque. 
What are your prices like?

Graduation portrait session prints start at $39.99. Once you are photographed, you will receive a fully customized preview booklet and access to an online gallery to view the products and services we have available for purchase.  Your $60 deposit can be applied toward your order, like a credit.

There is no obligation to place an order — the $60 deposit is fully refundable within 30 days. Your photo will automatically be included in your school's composite and yearbook, as long as you are photographed by your deadline.

I want to order the Session Portfolio. Where is it?
Both the 8 image and 16 image session portfolios can be found on the Specialty Products page. Please log in to your online gallery and continue to the Specialty Products page, which is right after the frames. 
What is the difference between social media downloads and high-resolution digital downloads?

Social media downloads are perfect for sharing online — Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, email etc. However, these images are not suitable for printing, with a resolution of 250 x 350 px at 300 DPI.

High-resolution digital downloads are perfect for printing (and sharing online too, of course!). Their resolution is 2400x3000 px at 300 DPI and can be printed up to 16"x20". By purchasing high-resolution digital images, you receive a full copyright release. That means you get get them printed anywhere you like. 

How do I order digital images of my photo session?

Digital Images can be purchased, with or without retouching, on the Packages page and the Specialty Products page. We sell them in groups of 5, 10 and 16. 

Please log in to your online gallery to view the different packages and prices. 

How can I change or cancel my order?

Since all of our orders go through several custom processing stages, all changes or cancellations are subject to a $50 fee. 

To cancel or make changes to an order, get in touch with our customer service team as soon as possible. 

Do you offer a payment plan?

We offer a 30-60-90 Day Interest-Free Layaway Plan. Simply provide up to three equal payments by Cheque, Visa, Mastercard or American Express payable to The Artona Group Inc.

Orders will be released 10 days after your last payment has been successfully processed. 

Please note, there will be a $45 administration fee for any returned cheque or declined credit card. 

I missed the deadline. Can I still place an order?

Yes. For graduation photos, the $60 deposit can be used toward an order up to 90 days after you are photographed. We keep graduation photos on file for 4 years. 

School day and convocation photos are kept on file for 1 year. 

Do I have to return the preview booklet?
The preview booklet is a complimentary keepsake from us. If you are looking for a refund for the $60 deposit, the booklet must be returned within 30 days. You can do this by visiting us in person, or mailing it to 353 West 7 Avenue Vancouver V5Y 1M2
How do I order photos from my group appointment?

Each group appointment includes 4 high-resolution digital images. The group leader will receive a link to download the images, then share them with the rest of the group. Each group member will receive the same 4 images. Please note that group images are non-refundable and non-transferrable.

If you would like to purchase additional images from the session, you can do this on our website. Please log in using the group Customer ID and password to view the full gallery and place an order.  

How can I edit my photos?

You can crop, add borders or change the colour of your graduation photos. Once an image has been dragged into a placeholder, click on the image to 'enhance' it. 

We also offer retouching services. To purchase this, please select 'Enhanced Retouching' for each image. 

How do I swap sheets in my package online?

Swapping sheets is a way to customize your package by swapping one sheet size for another.

To swap sheets, first select a photo package you would like to order. Once a package is selected, click on "Swap Sheets.” Delete the sheet(s) you are not interested in and ‘add’ your desired sheets from the bottom of the page. Once finished, you must click on "Done Swapping" before you can select which image is to correspond with each sheet.

How long do you keep the photos on file?

We keep school day images on file for one year. Graduation portraits are kept for up to four years. 

Trying to log in to an old account? Contact us to get your account reactivated. 


Why aren't my photos online yet?

Images take up to 5 business days to be uploaded. If you still do not see them after this time frame, please get in touch with our customer service team.

I can't see everything on the screen. Where is the Continue button?

You might need to zoom out on your screen. Press Control then the minus sign (-) at the top right corner of your keyboard. If this does not work, try the two steps below: 

1. Try to locate the scroll bars on the page. There are horizontal scroll bars at the bottom of the screen, and a second set located just above the black bar containing your photo previews. There is also a vertical scroll bar located on the right of the screen.

2. If this does not work, the next step is to increase the current screen resolution in your display settings. Right-click on the computer Desktop and select “Properties” on the menu that pops up. Once the Properties window opens up, proceed to “Settings” by clicking on the corresponding tab at the top right of the window. Finally, from this tab you may use the line bar located under “Screen Resolution” to increase the current resolution. Try to use a setting of at least 1024x768 pixels.

I forgot my Customer ID and/or password.

This can be found in your proof booklet and in the confirmation email we sent out after your appointment. Try searching "Customer ID" in your email to find it.

Please get in touch if you have any trouble logging in, or if you still can not find it. 

My coupon code is not working.
The coupon code for the $60 deposit is valid for 90 days after the deposit is paid. It is considered expired after this date. 

If you are within this time frame and it is still not working, be sure you are entering the coupon code exactly as it appears in the proof booklet and/or email — it is case sensitive. 
I reset my password but I forgot what it is.
If you’ve reset your password and can't remember what it is, try logging in again with the original password Artona sent you. You can find this in the proof booklet or the original confirmation email we sent out after your photo session. 
My Customer ID and/or password is not working.

Your Customer ID and password are case sensitive. Please ensure you are entering the login information exactly as it appears in the proof booklet and/or email. 

If you are still having trouble, you can try resetting your password by clicking on the “Can’t find your password?” link below the log in boxes and provide the email you used when registering on the day of your portrait session.

If this still does not work, please get in touch with our customer service team.

University convocation

Will you be at my convocation taking photos?

Artona will be on-location photographing during the ceremony at the following universities: 

Capilano University
Simon Fraser University (SFU)
University of Calgary
University of the Fraser Valley (UFV)
University of Manitoba
University of Victoria (UVic)
Vancouver Community College

Individual sessions are available on a walk-in basis (before/after the ceremony) at the following universities:

Capilano University
Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU)
Simon Fraser University (SFU)
Trinity Western University (TWU)
University of Calgary
University of Manitoba
University of Victoria (UVic)
Vancouver Community College

How do I access the photos that were taken of me on stage?
An email will be sent to the email address you have on file with the university within 1 week of your convocation day, as well as a print preview sent to your mailing address. If you don’t receive anything within 2 weeks, please get in touch with our customer service team. 
How much does it cost?
Photo previews from the ceremony are free, and if you would like to purchase them online you can login to view sheets starting at $32.  If you wish to have a 4 pose portrait session on your convocation day a $15.00 sitting fee and $60.00 deposit are collected during registration.  The $60 deposit is valid towards an order within 90 days or refundable within 30 days.  

How is this session different then the other session offered for my grad photos?
The location and duration of the photo sessions are different; walk-in sessions are 5 - 10 minutes and include 4 different poses.  Students and families find these photo sessions convenient since the graduation regalia is already on and family and friends are present.
I paid $75 at my photo session but I can only deduct $60 from my order. How can I get my money back?

University students pay a $15 sitting fee and a $60 deposit. The $15 sitting fee is collected on behalf of your school or faculty and is non-refundable.  As long as you order within 90 days, your $60 deposit will automatically be applied to your order online.

Am I able to combine my individual sitting with my convocation photos?
Unfortunately, we aren't able to mix and match the photos or products. However, if you are ordering photos from each account we can ship them together and save you a shipping fee.  Please contact us at csr@artona.com.
When do the individual on-location sessions take place?
Mini sessions are available before or after the ceremony on a first come, first served basis. You do not need to make an appointment. 

For these sessions, a $60 deposit is required. This can be applied toward an order later on. If you choose not to place an order, the deposit is refundable within 30 days. A $15 non-refundable sitting fee will also be collected to support student services. 

Here is a sample of our mini sessions on location:


Can I have photos with my family and does it cost extra?
Yes, a family photo is included in your individual session. These family photos are for three people in total, including the graduate. 

Family sitting

How many photos will be taken?
You will take 24 poses - 6 poses per room.  Sessions will be 30 minutes long.
Are we allowed to changed in between photos?
You are allowed to change into 1 outfit per room during the session.
Does everyone have to be in the photo or can we do different sets of people?
You can do different sets within the family (ex. Siblings only, Parents only, Mom and Grandma, etc. as as long as we maintain the pose count)
How do I book a Family Portrait Session?
To book a Family Portrait Session, please contact us for assistance. Family Portrait Session bookings are generally available between the months of March and August.
Can my pet come?
Pets are considered family and can do photos on their own too!
Can I bring any props?
Feel free to bring personal items to be used as props. As long as it can fit in our studio, you are more than welcome to bring it in! 

If children will be attending, bring their favourite item or toy, which can do wonders in front of and behind the camera. 

What else should I bring?
If children will be attending, please bring snacks and personal items (such as wet wipes, diapers and favourite blanket for infants and newborns). Having a toy to keep them occupied while they are not being photographed is a good idea. 

What should we wear?
Make sure that your outfit choices are comfortable and attractive. Choose coordinating colours within a colour scheme and use hues that complement each other rather than wear all matching colours. Layers, texture and accessories add dimension and personality. Limit loud patterns and avoid logos or text on clothing. 

Think about your home decor; do you like bright colours or neutral tones? If you plan to hang your photos in your home, make sure the colours of your clothes go with the colour scheme of your home. 


How can I choose my Composite and Yearbook Pose in the Grad Portrait Session Portfolio Preview Booklet?
Yearbook and Composite Poses can only be selected online.
I missed my Composite and Yearbook Pose Selection Deadline, is there anything I can do?
Please contact us immediately to process your order. We will try our best to fulfill your composite and yearbook pose selection. Additional costs may apply. Please understand that when contacting us after the deadline to change your yearbook pose, your change of image is not guaranteed.
How can I choose my Composite and Yearbook Pose online?

The first time you log in to your online gallery and have viewed and chosen your favourite poses, click on the blue link on the bottom right to proceed. The first step that pops up will be choosing your Composite and Yearbook Pose.

Contact us to confirm or to change your yearbook pose. If it has passed your deadline date, we cannot guarantee your change of image.

If no image is selected online, the image selected at the time of the portrait session will be used.


How do I request a new Student ID/GoCard?

If the information on your Student ID Card/GoCard is incorrect, please speak to the administration staff at your school to have a new ID Card/GoCard produced.

If you have misplaced your Student ID/GoCard, there are two ways to obtaining a new one.

1 - Go to your school office to request a new Student ID/GoCard. Artona delivers GoCards to schools bi-weekly.

2 - If you need a new Student ID/GoCard immediately, you can get one from Artona directly. You will need to obtain an original Translink form (not a photocopy)from your school office, come down to Artona, and pay the $25 fee (Tax Included). The student requesting the Student ID/GoCard must be present and show a valid piece of Government identification with the students date of birth, as the GoCard is processed and printed on location.

Do you sell Zaino Products?

Yes, Artona sells Zaino products! Please contact Michael at 604-723-6944 or mrak@artonagroup.com or simply come to our studio at 353 West 7 Avenue in Vancouver. All products are at the front counter for purchase and pickup, with the same prices reflected here

School day photos

Do you deliver to the school?
It depends! You can search your school here to see your school's specific ordering timeline and all the details.
When will I receive my school day order?
It depends on what school you go to! Click here to search for your school and find its specific ordering timeline. It normally takes us about 2-4 weeks to create both digital and printed school day orders. 
I never received my school day order. Where is it?
Please check your school's ordering timeline to see if it was sent to the school or mailed to home. You can find the ordering timeline by searching the school's name here

If your order should have been sent to the school, please check with the teacher and/or office. If it is still not there, please get in touch with our customer service team. 


How long does it take to receive my order?
For school day orders, please refer to your school's ordering timeline. This can be found by searching the school's name here

Graduation print orders take approximately 4-6 weeks. 

High-resolution digital images take approximately 3-4 weeks. 
Can I pick up my order?

Unfortunately, no. All of our graduation photo orders are shipped directly to home.

My mailbox is probably too small for my order. How will it be delivered?

We respect our customers' privacy and have a strict policy that prevents Purolator (the shipping service provider) from leaving customer orders unattended in an unsafe area and in which the package may be subject to damage from the weather.

If you are not at home during the time of delivery and there is no safe area to place your package, a note from Purolator will be attached to your door or mailbox with specific instructions on how to pick up your order from the nearest dispatch centre.

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