Willy Bortoluzzi

Account Manager

Email: willyb@artona.com
Phone: 604-872-7272 #320

Michael Rak

General Manager

Email: mrak@artona.com
Phone: 604-872-7272

Aurellia Patraszewski

Account Manager

Email: aurellia@artona.com
Phone: 604-872-7272 #310

TJ Rak

Account Manager

Email: tj@artona.com
Phone: 604-872-7272

Gabby Lombardo

UBC Account Manager

Email: gabbyl@artona.com

Amanda Rak

Account Manager and University Sales Representative

Email: amandar@artona.com
Phone: 604-872-7272 #315

Alison Stewart

Assistant General Manager

Email: alisons@artona.com
Phone: 604-872-7272 #319

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